Jiangsu expands deepening the "group" to resize and enhance the dynamic power of the recipient land

Original title: ["Wanshan State" witnessed Jiangsu to be responsible] Expanding the "Group" Aid Xinjiang Enhanced Nonivity In recent years, under the unified coordination of the front headquarters, Jiangsu cadres talent "group" aid in Xinjiang The education, medical and health, etc. of Kesi is continuously expanding, and the intersection of the troops continued from "blood transfusion" to "hematopoietic", providing a strong driving force for the Sports Livens.

The deep autumn Pamir Plateau is cold, but it is very lively.

I heard that Jiangsu Aid Xinjiang Medical Expert Group came here to carry out the Grand Bazaji clinic, and the villagers have risen long teams, waiting for medical examination. If it is not seen, it is difficult to believe in this remote border village, remote B-ultrasound, remote consultation and other modern medical treatments in the village.

Mi Riur Ai Nevall, director of the first-stop service center of Kezhou People’s Hospital, said: "Through our 5G telemedicine services, it can extend to Nine Hospitals in Jiangsu, and villagers can accept medical services of Jiangsu Universities. Let the telemedicine service will not be restricted because of the distance. The health room of technology, they regularly send medication, give us free hair, thanks to Jiangsu aid medical team. "Change originates from the continuous deepening of group aid. In 2020, Jiangsu Nine provincial Tanya Hospital Group 上海闵行东兰路kb supported the Kezhou People’s Hospital, 20 excellent management talents and medical technology talents entered into the key position of Kezhou Hospital. In order to crack the problem of causing medical treatment of Kezhou, Jiangsu "group" medical assistance Xinjiang team innovation launched 5G + medical health application pilot, built Internet hospitals, realized "Kezhou registration, Jiangsu to see a doctor". 5G remote ophthalmology surgery, A series of remote means of 5G remote kidney surgery, letting the patients enjoy the zero-distance service of "Jiangsu famous doctor" at the door of the house.

On the other hand, the medical assistance is actively constructing medical associations to form the "9 + 1 + N + N + N" model to ensure medical resources directly to the most 上海长宁会所 basic layer.

Song Ninghong, Dean of Kezhou People’s Hospital, Jiangsu "Group" Medical Associate Captain Song Ninghong, said: "’9′ is the nine hospitals in the rear, ‘1’ is our Kezhou People’s Hospital, ‘4’ is the city of Xiang County The county-level hospital, ‘n’ is the health center in our township, another ‘n’ is our village bathroom, which in line with the national grade diagnosis and treatment, like the fire of the stars, etc., to do the Internet hospital, do Really. "When the people of the villages enjoyed the quality medical resources of the village, teachers and students in Jiangsu Experimental Middle School in Kezhou were experienced new opportunities brought by Jiangsu educational resources.

This year, Jiangsu Education and Aid Xinjiang changed the old way to spread the teachers in various schools in the past, and selected 5 上海洗浴论坛 schools to build Jiangsu Experimental School, and concentrated the new Jiangsu experiment school, and strive to build a state model school. Enhance the teaching level of Kezhou education with a point.

Jiangsu, Jiangsu Experimental Middle School, Changshu City, Shanghu Senior High School, Vice President Jiangshi, said: "From all middle office of the principal to the teaching and research group, the grades, all from our Jiangsu teacher to pick up the big beam, lead the local teachers of Kezhou to engage in teaching and research, Preparation, teaching, and improve management.

Zhang Qin, a teacher, Chemistry, Jiangsu Experimental Middle School, said: "In some professional fields, the Jiangsu helpers have no giants, take the initiative to help us, let me benefit. "Since the beginning of this year, the headquarters of Jiangsu Aid Zengzhou has invested 33 people in 200,000 yuan to implement cadres and talents.

Facing high-end talents, with 5 academician workstations, the 5th sergeant workstations, 87 experts entered Jiangsu Province to support Xinjiang Work expert library, carry out "Kezhou, expert answer" "Kezhou, experts "Activity.

Focus on the cultivation of local talents, promote the "Kezhou country talent training" "leading the dream project" and other 9 types of talent work projects. In addition, a variety of ways, "Belt", "the strongest brain" from Jiangsu Province, is providing strong talent guarantee and intellectual support. Zhang Zhenyi, deputy director of the Organization Department of Kezhou Party Committee, before the Cadre Talent Group (National Relationship Promotion Group), said: "Next, we will keep the need for recipient, through the group model, targeted short-term introduction talents, innovation Extended the monk project, inviting research teams throughout the country to help solve the key topics of the Kezhou traditional basic industry and people’s livelihood demand, so that more talents gathered to Kezhou, providing strong talent support for the economic and social development of Kezhou. "(Jiangsu Radio and TV Station · Heng Media News Center reporter Yangli, Shen Yang, Yang Fan, Guo Yufeng reported) (This news copyright belongs to Jiangsu Radio and TV Station, please indicate the source) (Editor: Xiao Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing More people arrive.


Japan’s first quarter of GDP atrophy 2.2%, hundreds of companies in the first 20 companies due to epidemic

Data Map: During the epidemic, Japan Tokyo a mall in Tokyo posted a notice of shortening and adjusting business hours. Zhong Xinshu 上海喝茶最新联系方式reporter Lu Shaowei is reported that this data is the latest statistics of the Cabinet, in addition to factors such as price changes, the actual GDP is reduced by the previous quarter.

If the annual rate is converted, the GDP in the first quarter is%, and the "falling%" released in June is slightly improved. According to reports, the Nevocal House plans to release the GDP speed report on April 17 to June on August 17. There is a private survey company forecast that due to the influence of the emergency declaration, the GDP calculated by annual rate will shrink by 20%, and the atrophy will exceed the data in the Lehman crisis and create a new high. Japan’s new crown epidemic appeared in January 2020上海品茶高端qq , from the end of March, the infection was expanded, and the Japanese government announced that the country has entered 上海水磨spa an emergency in April 16, and all kinds of stores have shorted business hours or even suspend business. After the economy, due to epidemic, The Japanese government announced the national relief in the country on May 25. But since mid-June, Japan’s epidemic appeared significantly. As of 17:00 on July 31, the local time, 374 companies in Japan have been in business difficulties due to new crown epidemics, of which 310 have been banned. (Editor: Liu Ge, Chen Jianjun).


It’s really scary! Yellowstone resident homes out of a crocodile

Yangtze River Daily, Wuhan Client News (Reporter Gao Ximing 爱上海龙凤 correspondent Huang Yucheng) At 12 o’clock on December 13th, a residential family of Guangling Park in the lower land area of ??Huangshi City suddenly slammed a crocodile, scared residents. 119. The residents of the crocodile were located on the first floor. The firefighting guards of Huangshi City Fire Rescue Detachment rushed to the scene, and the crocodile was covered in the basin.

After the two firefighters have a good protection, one person gently unveiled the basin, and the other immediately clamped the crocodile mouth with a clip. This crocodile is about half of half a meter, staring in the eyes, the head and the abdomen showed dark yellow, with a prominent bone in the back, covered with black patterns, and the tail swayed from time to time.

Correspondent Huang Yucheng photo live residents introduced 上海品茶新人场子 that this crocodile is a pet at the 3rd floor. More than a month ago, the owner put the crocodile in the balcony sun, did not expect the crocodile unclear down the floor.

The owner thought that the crocodile was killed, and I didn’t expect it for so long. It turned out to have emerged.

In order to prevent crocodile injury, the firefighters tied the mouth of the crocodile with tape. Subsequently, they sent the crocodile back into the ornamental pool of the owner.

The person in charge of Huangshi City, the head of Huangshi City, reminded that the crocodile is a fierce carnivore, the attacker is very strong, don’t be a pet.

In addition, artificial breeding crocodile needs to apply for a feeding certificate to the fishery or forestry department.

Apply for a cultured crocodile, 上海贵族宝贝sh1314 requiring legal sources and suitable venues.

Deng Jie, a lawyer of Hubei Zhongkun Law Firm, Article 39 of the Regulations on the Implementation Regulations of the Conservation of the People’s Republic of China, violates wildlife protection regulations, and has not obtained domestication and breeding license or transcending the scope of domestic breeding license. Domestication and breeding countries focus on protecting wildlife, the wildlife administrative department confiscates illegal income, fined 3,000 yuan, can confiscate wild animals, revoked domesticational breeding licenses.


Japan’s national relief declaration economic activity is gradually recovering

Tokyo lifted the "Emergency Declaration" on the day, LUMINE in the large shopping mall in Tokyo pool is still closed (Li Muhang photo) from the government to announce the dismissal of the emergency declaration, and the large-scale 上海高端私人会所 commercial facilities of temporary suspension will decide to fully resume business. Among them, the large shopping center "Yongwang Mall" plans to fully resume business since 28th this week on the 28th. The J-Front-retailing of the big pill and Songli House department store decided to start the two stores in Tokyo from the 26th.

Sanfou Yidan Holdings Company planned to restore the business of Yuguo, Hakodate City, Hokkaido, from May 27.

In addition, 2 stores in Sapporo, Sapporo, which are suspended in Tokyo, and Sapporo, who have been suspended in the whole hall, and the 2 stores in Sapporo, who have stopped operating outside the food store will be reopened within May.

The catering industry actively returns to normal operation to prevent the infection of new crown pneumonia epidemic, 上海宝山品茶 and about 1,000 stores in the capital circle of the McDonald’s, and there are about 1,000 stores in the Hokkaido to prevent countermeasures in the store to prevent clustering.

Since the 25th, the government announces that the emergency declaration is announced, McDonald’s announced the re-opening area in all stores in all stores nationwide on May 26.

It is understood that in order to ensure the safe distance between the guests, McDonald’s will continue to maintain the previous prevention and control of epidemic responses, and arrange guests within the queue.

Although McDonald’s re-opened the diet after 26 days, 210 24-hour stores will continue to adopt dietary measures during June 8th and 5 am on the next day.

On the 26th, according to the People’s Daily Network reporter in the pool, McDonald’s, KFC has observed that the merchant still asked the guest to take a meal, and the store is still in the closed state.

In addition, in order to reduce access opportunities for guests and staff, McDonald’s decided to advance the appointment of smartphones and the dining of nothing.

Large Food & Beverage Shock Yoshino Home and Ponut will extend the business hours of the store according to the principles of government and autonomous body. When the reporter visited the pool bag and the surrounding station, it was found that some of the housing estates will be adjusted from 20 points to 22 points at the end of the Emergency Declaration.


Internet opens the metamorphic transformation window

[】 Once Facebook announced on October 28 to change the company name to "Meta", A femoral sector has risen sharply on October 29, of which the faucet is directly on 20% of the daily limit, Tom Cat, Shengtian Network, Qiqi Technology, etc., more than 10%, Caesar culture also has a strong limit.

  How far is the realization of the Yuan Universe, the expert said that the next decade will be the golden decade of the development of Yuancai, and the transformation window period has quietly opened. The experts have judged that behind the Yuan Cosmic boom is the critical point of related technologies has evolved into large-scale applications, but the industry also has a certain degree of foam.

  The multi-capital dispute enters in fact, from May 2020 Apple announced the acquisition of VR Entrepreneurial Company NEXTVR, all the capital layout, the concept of Yuan Coso was detonated. In March of this year, the first stock of the Yuan Universe was successfully listed. At present, the market value exceeds $ 42 billion; in April, byte beating announces the investment domestic game engine code Qiankun; at the end of August, the domestic VR brand founded in 2015, Domestic VR brand Pico by the ban Jump acquisition.

In addition, the giants such as Microsoft, NVIDIA, Baidu, Tencent have announced their own metacular strategy or related product layout. At the same time, in the first-level market, high-rise capital, sewing capital, true finger fund, Wuyuan capital, dangerous peaks, Chenxing Capital, Xinghao Capital, etc., have opened the deployment of Yuancai track, involving enterprises From virtual social platform, virtual idol, to game company, VR / AR project, etc. According to Bloomberg data, by 2024, the market opportunities related to Yuanhe may reach 800 billion US dollars, and it is estimated that the virtual world’s income may reach $ 400 billion in 2025, which is more than $ 180 billion in 2021. Talking about why the capital struggle to lay the Yuan universe, some people told the "Economic Report" reporter, the Internet and mobile Internet have now tired, the market needs new concepts, new things to activate the liquidity. Yang Sheng, the founder of the Star Capital, told reporters that with the development of 5G, big data, AI, the combination of virtual and reality seems to be a powerless trend.

"Although the Yuan Universe is still in the early days of development, its development will undoubtedly bring huge social changes, driving the entire consumption of the daily life to further upgrade, bringing huge market linkage effects.

Standing in today’s value, it is like thinking about the value of the Internet in 1999.

"China Communications Industry Association Chain Chain Chair, the Executive Director of China Mobile Communications Federation Yuancai Industrial Committee," Zhu Da Education principal said in Jia Ning, said that the Internet giants and investment agencies actively layout Yuan universe. Because the Yuan Universe is a "aggregate" of multiple key core tracks.

As Jia Ning believes that the Yuanhe Universe is not a simple Internet new track, but an iterative upgrade of the third generation of the Internet is a higher dimensional new space above the PC Internet and the mobile Internet.

"It can be said that the Yuan Yin is a new space that can be perfectly integrated with the world and physical world, building human future, learning, entertainment, and socializing, is a digital new world that everyone can participate in, helping each participant Meet the high-level demand of self-realization. "The transition window quietly opened and talking about the Yuan universe is a fan or foam. In Jia Ning told the Economic Report, the investment agency generally makes a pre-judgment of the market for long-term trends, in the right time Introducing and drivening, led the development of the industry to finally obtain the return. "The next decade will be the golden decades of Yuancai development, and the transition window has been quietly opened." Yu Jialing said that the capital struggle will be accelerated to accelerate the construction and popularization of the domestic yuan universe, and promote digital economy and entities. The economic achievement has a deeper integration, helping the "all-in-one" comprehensive transformation and upgrading, and open up new development space for physical enterprises.

  However, some experts believe that although the capital is piled up, on the application level, whether it is technology or product form, the current Yuan Universe is still in the early stage of "0 to 1", and there is still a legal blind spot, so Be alert to hype.

Wang Yongli, the former deputy deputy director of the Bank of China, believes that the current fast-expanded metachamographic boom, including the extreme speculation of related elements such as NFT, virtual currency, has shown a major risk hazard that has been separated from the real world and effective supervision of barbarism, and it is necessary to cause Highly vigilant.

  Yu Ning also reminded that the current Yuan Universe has become a highly concerned innovation direction, but there have also been some companies to fight the concept of madness, there 上海特价品茶资源 is a certain risk, I suggest that everyone should not blindly participate in the hype. "In fact, digital technology related to the Yuanyuan Universe is not yet mature, and application trials may fail, and relevant companies or projects are still in the early stage. Therefore, the relevant company’s equity (regardless of the listing or not) is risky.

"Digital technology innovation is the key to the realization of the Yuancosian. In Jia Ning believes that the future in the universe is not only based on the development of a single technology, and its key driving force is to calculate the cloud, distributed Storage, Internet of Things, VR, AR, 5G, block chain, artificial intelligence, etc. Integrated innovation and integration applications.

At present, the large-scale applications of VR, AR, and XR 上海大型水疗会所 technology have some realistic constraints, and the distance is really low, and the ideal experience of high immersion is still a long distance. In the industry, with the arrival of the Yuan Cosmic Age, the access method will become highly diversified, and the immersive access device is expected to be fully popular, and the access speed and stability will also be improved.

Companies that have long farm VR and XR technology have accelerated to enter the Yuanyuan universe is also inevitable. High-tech enterprises in this field have a more advanced technology foundation and vigorously explore the ultimate immersion experience in the paradise, scientific and technological show, museum, emergency, etc., which can be said that it has taken the first in the first universe. Advantage.

  Da Yang Zhibota believes that long-term appearance is a very important innovation, which may fundamentally change the form of human society; but from the development of the current ecological field, consider the key support technology bottleneck "to bring the helmet Entering a super realistic virtual world, the metacular universe, the desired immersion, low delay, and the virtual world effect close to the real world, it requires extremely harsh display technology, network technology, VR rendering technology and calculation processing. Ability, and real technology distance to support the ideal metacular universe still has a large gap, the current Yuan universe has not truly disruptive products and business models, and related technologies are still in conventional development tracks, and the ideal state of the Yuan Universe. Quite distance. According to the "2020-2021 Yuan Cosmic Development Research Report" recently released by the New Media Research Center of Tsinghua University, the industry is still in the foundation of "social + game scene", and has not achieved industrial coverage and ecological opening, economical Consult, imaginary interoperability.

Yu Ning told reporters that the concept layout of Yuanhe is still concentrated in the field of XR and games, the technical ecology and content ecology is not yet mature, and there is still a long "depletion of the ideal vision and reality." "stage. "The next decade will be the golden ten years of the development of Yuancai, and the transition window period has quietly opened.

The capital struggle, will soon accelerate the construction and popularization of the domestic yuan universe, which will promote the deeper integration of digital economy and entity economy, which opens up new development space for physical enterprises, and its foundation and key lies in digital technology independent innovation. "Yu Jia Ning said. All texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as" Economic Report "or" Economic Reference Network ", copyright is an economic reference newspaper, without economic reference The newspaper is written, and it is not published in any form.


It can be applied for public rent in the servant.

Original title: The reporter can apply for public rental a house. The reporter learned from Fuzhou City, as soon as date, Fuzhou City officially launched the first batch of public rental housing applications in the ENTEM.

The first batch of 550 sets can be applied, and the apartment is 45,55,65 square meters, which will meet the basic residence requirements of the employment and work life in the employment and work of life. According to the "Notice of the" Regional Recruitment of the Qualification Acceptance of the Public Lease Housing Security Object of Entrepreneurship "in Fuzhou City, 2021," Cells, can go to the area of ??the employment in the region of the region of Territory of employment in the area of ??the region (Gulou District Taigang and Macao Office, Taichung District Taigang, Macao Office, Jinchang District Taigang and Macao Office, Minhou County Taiwan, Macao Office , Fuzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone Party Group Working Department submitted the application materials. It is understood that this Taiwan application for public rental housing must have a certain condition, including stable work in Fuzhou Drum Tower, Taichung, Cangshan, Jinan Si’an District and University City (including High-tech Zone), and is signed with the service enterprises and institutions. More than 1 year of labor contracts, or in the above areas to start a business in the above areas, the person in charge of the company’s legal representative or individual industrial and commercial households; the Taiwan resident residence of Fuzhou City; my spouse, minor children in Fuzhou Drum Tower, Taichung, Cang There is no self-housing in the mountains, the Si’an District and University City (including High-tech Zone). Fuzhou Taiwan and Hong Kong, the Australian government, introduced that the first batch of listings of the champagne 上海按摩店推荐 garden is located in Lianjiang North Road in Jin’an District, including 166 sets of households, 274 sets of 55 square meters, and 110 sets of 65 square meters.

According to the regulations, 1 household households share 45 square meters of households, 2 people households rent 55 square meters, 3 people and above households share 65 square meters of households; rental offers, 70% of the rent standards Rent, average price is a square meter.

In order to build a Taiwan community to land the first home city, July this year, Fuzhou introduced "Implementation Plan (Trial)" in the Entrepreneurship of the Entrepreneurship, "in the installment of the Taiwan Missing, and Implement rental reduction offers to promote more Taiwan’s employment, work life.

(Reporter Liu Shenkui) (Editor: Chen Lanyan, 上海品茶资源群 Wu Zhou) Sharing let more people see client download.


Introduction to China Chemical Engineering Association

The China Chemical Engineering Association referred to as the China Work Association, which is the professional association under the leadership of the China Chemical Literature and Art Federation. China’s work is founded in 1997, with more than 300 members, including 11 Chinese Writers Association, current Chairman Qian Yugui, Executive Chair Liu Pengkai, the Secretariat is located in Jiangsu Hosonglin Adhesive Plant Co., Ltd.

The Association 上海足浴fj Publications "Black Songlin Literature". Since the establishment of the China Work Association, four times four times, organized large-scale literary publishing activities, compiled large-scale documentary literature "China Chemical Style", "China Chemical Excellent Literary Works Book Library" first, second, third series, more than 500,000 words. Chairman of the Organizational Structure of China Chemical Engineering Association: Wen Hong Yu Wanfu, Chairman: Qian Yusui Vice Chairman: Zhou Xun Feng Libo Wang Zhonghua Li Baolin Guo Logang China Chemical Engineering Association Chapter Chapter 1 General First Chapter China Chemical Engineering Association is National and amateur literary workers in the national chemical industry. Article 2 The China Chemical Engineering Association is a professional association under the leadership of China’s Chemical Literature and Art Federation, and accepts guidance from the Chinese Writers Association. Article 3 The Chinese Chemical Engineering Association complies with the Constitution and the government’s legal decline, adhere to the party’s basic line, adhere to the "three representatives" ideas, and adhere to the direction of literary "to serve the people", "Baihua Liu Putting, a hundred parsing, unite and organize the literary workers of the chemical front, dedicated to the development of socialist literature, promoting socialist spiritual civilization and material civilization construction, out of talents, work, and develop socialism Literary contribution. Chapter IIP Member Article 4 Anyone who is engaged in literary creation activities in the chemical system, and publishes this charter, publishing a literary work, theoretical research, and translation works, and is applying for the members. The Council of this Council may be approved by the Secretariat Work Conference with the Chair or Vice-Chairman, which is a member of this Council. Article 5 If you agree with this charter, there is a considerable number of chemical corporate literary communities and writers of this member, such as the application, and submit approval by this Council, that is, member of the Group.

Article 6 Members’ obligations: (1) Obeying this conference; (2) Implementing the resolution of this Council, completing the task of this meeting; (3) often keep in touch and communicate with this meeting; (4) paying the contribution on time . Article 7 Members: (1) Participate in the relevant activities of this Council; (2) There is an election right and the right to be elected; (3) There is a proposed right and criticism; (4) Enjoy the provisions of this Association Treatment; (5) The right to request that the legitimate rights and interests such as copyright will be protected by law or negotiation methods; (6) has the freedom of retreat. Article 8 The members of this Association are severely violated the charter or illegal acts, violate the law, and the mans will pass, stop or cancel the membership.

Chapter III Article 9 Organizing Members Developed various types of literary creation activities, encourage and help members in depth. Article 10 Adhere to the "two is" direction and "double hundred" policy; improve the awareness of the boutique, implement a boutique strategy; advocate the subject matter, genre, form diversified, various style, genre free competition. Article 11 The new force, development and growth of chemical industry, discovering and cultivating chemical industry, developing and strengthening chemical industry literature teams. Article 12 Strive to do a good literary publication in this Council and continuously improve the quality of publications. Article 13 Establish a literary award and organize a literary work award. Article 14 Establish a literary creation base to hold a variety of literary lectures, training and seminars. Article 15 In accordance with the Constitution and related regulations, maintain the legitimate rights and interests of members, and ensure the freedom of being engaged in legitimate literary activities. Chapter II Organizations and Residents Article 16 The highest authority of this Association is a member of the Chinese Chemical Engineering Association. The representative conference is composed of members representatives, and once every five years, it can be held in advance or extension by this Council when necessary. Responsibilities are: (1) Election Council; (2) Listen to and consider the work reports and financial reports of the Council; (3) Modify the Articles of Association; (4) Discussion and Decide other major matters.

Article 17 The Council consists of the members of the members of the Member Congress, and the term is five years. The Council held once every two years, and it can be held in advance or extension.

Its responsibilities are: (1) Empress the resolution of the Member Congress; (2) Electing the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary-General, Deputy Secretary General; (3) Leading the work, discussing and determining major matters during the clutter of the member representative meeting (4) Develop a work plan of this Council; (5) Organization held the next member of the General Assembly. Article 18 During the meeting of the Council, the Secretary-General hosted the daily work of this Council under the leadership of the Chair and Vice-Chair. According to the authorization of the Board, the Secretary-General can convene a work meeting of the Secretariat of the Chair, Vice-Chair, and dealing with the major meeting of this Association.

Article 19 The present will provide honorary positions, including the honorary chair, consultant and honorary committee.

The specific candidate is proposed by the Chair or the Council, and the member representative will pass. Chapter 5: The 20th China Chemical Engineering Association referred to as Sinhua 新上海sh419 Association, the Secretariat hangs from Jiangsu Hosonglin Adhesive Factory Co., Ltd. Article 21 The source of capital of this party: (1) China Chemical Liberal Federation; (2) The contribution fee paid; (3) Enterprise sponsorship; (4) Other legal income. Article 22 This article is explained by the Board of Directors.


It’s the road to the road, close is the heart (under the guidance of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, the new time new weather is new as "four good rural road" construction)

  "Thank you for your visit to the Communist Party, walking to walking, I used to walk, the road is wide and wide …" I hidden in the festival, I stood in the small square on the village road, Wu Fa fully clear the throat, first A paragraph of words, followed by the song.

On the mountains of 2600 meters above sea level, they were originally silent, and they will fly a laughter.

Wu Fa is full of "saying that singing" inherited by the local generation, sang the voice of the folks.

  Here is the Warti Town, Xiaojin County, Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province.

The rural roads of the four-way, gathering the villagers who have been distinguished from the mountains, but also let the party’s good policies faster, and more entered thousands of households. That’s a small kimono. With more and more rural roads wide, hardening, flat, in all parts of the country, many grassroots people like Wu Fa, are warm, and it is more close to the distance between the party and the government.

  The highway repaired the blackstut village of 50 households in the heart, was named by black stone everywhere. To be far away, it is actually just part, the location of Gaodu Town, Mengyin County, Shandong Province, less than one kilometer from Blackstut Ditch.

However, there is a small river, and the villagers went 上海龙凤桑拿419论坛 to the town. They went to the East to the east, and they went around the road. How much is the way to repair the road, but it is never become. As soon as I came to the administrative village before "Village Tong"; two, the villagers were not rich, the village did not collectively income, the fundraising is difficult; three come, it is a hard black stone, but also wear a river, the construction is difficult. "The villagers are looking for the village two committees, looking for the town, not do not want to repair, but it is really difficult." Zhang Guibin, the Secretary of the Gaodu Community Party Branch, which is located in Heishou Village, is also anxious. In 2013, Mengyin County was included in the second batch of village-level road networking demonstration counties in Shandong Province, two years to 上海品茶gzs build more than 300 kilometers of village-level roads.

Zhang Guibin and the town leader learned the news and rushed to the county transportation, focusing on the situation of Blackstut.

The prior survey found that the number of the villagers of Heishou was less than 50, and the basic conditions of "networking project" were not reached, but the villagers were really urgent. Special affairs, the road to Blackstut, finally included in the schedule.

  The people of the hill village have never been condensed. It is necessary to cover the road, cut the tree, remove the house, no one households; less 100, more 1000, the villagers have gradually solved the population; On the day of the road, the villagers killed a big fat pig and loud the firecrackers. Put the money to the blade and put the road to the heart. These years, the story of Blackstut Village has occurred in many places. Adhere to the people-centered development thoughts, relevant departments and party committees of the local party committees to think that the people are in a hurry, continue to increase the support of rural road construction, and vigorously solve the people’s concern. Statistics from the Ministry of Transport show that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, there has been more than 1.25 million kilometers of rural roads. Huimin policy enters home door "Cognition them?" In the Warba Village, Woyi Town, Xiaojin County, asked an old man standing on the side of the road. "Cognition, the cadres in the town, that is the secretary." The old man said that these people often come to the village, and they will say hello. Most of the people in the wooda village live on the mountain.

There is no road in the past, and the cadres visited the masses.

Even if the village, climb the legs and climb it, and can’t walk a few houses one day.

Today, hardening roads are passed to each village group and connect each household.

Cadres riding a motorcycle or driving a car, soon they came to the masses.

  "After the 19th Party of the Party, we have carried out the ‘unforgettable, cadres and Congress’ activities. Yesterday, the first peasant fun sports meeting in the town, cadres gave the people to the masses, it was very fun!" Yang Min said, secretary. Contact the grassroots masses, implement Huimin policy, can’t just shout on email. Although it is said that no matter whether there is a road, work must be done. But there is no way, can’t enter the homes of the masses, and good policies are also difficult to implement, and the masses will also have a feeling of alienation. If it is not a job, Shuch may not have this feelings. In the second half of 2017, he has served from the deputy director of the Ministry of Transport to the Sichuan Aba Tibetan Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Renzhou Committee Standing Committee, deputy governor.

  "Working in the middle, also knowing that the rural road is important, but to the place, it really found that far more important than imagination." Shuchi said that the construction of rural roads, let the people in remote areas no longer feel far, "there The benefits of the road, party and the country can be more beneficial to the masses. "The road is a hundred years.

The construction of rural roads accelerates, opened the door of Huimin policies into the village, followed by the improvement of the public service system. It is one of the works of the establishment of Village bus. In the past three years, there have been 10,000 new transportation vehicles in the country, and the passenger car in the construction village has exceeded 96%. Urban and rural transportation integration demonstration counties create work, also started to carry out.

All creation counties in depth promote urban and rural traffic infrastructure, urban and rural passenger service integration, urban and rural logistics services integration construction. Up to now, the national urban and rural passenger integrated development level has reached more than 80% of the city and counties above 3A level, and the coverage rate of rural express outlets has exceeded 70%.

  The masses have the main cardiac bones 20 years ago, 90% of the villagers have never gone over the mountains. Nowadays, the villagers will come out, but people outside are coming. In the water flooding village of Jiyuan City, Henan Province, huge changes are two ways.

Chasing the roots, but also from the retired old book seedlings.

Since the 1980s, in the county, the seedlings lead the people of the people in the village. After 10 years, it has opened a long-kilometer and width of about 4 meters.

After that, the party members and the masses have been introduced into the provincial channel connected to Henan and Shanxi for 3 years.

  Limited text, unable to say hardships in the road. If there is no seedling talent, there is no strong leader of the grassroots party organization, and the flood floodman will go out of the mountain’s dream, maybe it will be a long time.

  This kind of story is much in the construction of rural road construction. A grassroots party organization, a general party member, combating hard with the masses, consolidating the prestige of the party in the masses, so that the masses have the main bones. Baiwen Town, Linxian, Shanxi Province, has undergone several years, and the Tongcun Road network pattern of the four-way octave has been formed.

"The road is repaired, some people have someone to pick up.

Mechanical leisure, you can also go to the mushroom base to help work, we can earn more than 20,000 yuan in two years. Most thanks to the party and the government have helped the road, thanks to the cadres, they want to engage in the industry.

"The 67-year-old Temple Village, Hao Donghai, said that the changes in these years are extravagant.

  The road is, the road is good, many grassroots people who have been troubled by "travel difficult", have embarked on safe, rest assured hardship, have real feelings, happiness.

  "I am 77 years old. Every morning, I will come out to take a care. I will go home to eat." In the wood bar village, the Horses the old man took care of kilometers, like taking care of their own children. The road is the road, and it is a monument. It is the connection to the heart. Yan Minde Liu Zhiqiang "People’s Daily" (February 08, 2018) [Editor: Yang Wei].


It has a bright eyes of this "small animal" for the children.

In recent days, Xinhua Experimental Primary School rang, and the children ran out of the classroom with a smoke, kneeling in the corridor, and looked hard. See what to find squirrels! From Monday, many small guests have come in the campus, and it is a variety of squirrel dolls, soon become new friends of children.

Squirs are hung on the high and low tree, some hidden in the branches, some hide under the leaves, some are stunned, and some are lazy. These are all the children discovered in one lesson. Every time I find a new squirrel, I have children to report to the teacher.

There is a little girl who can’t see it. I am in a hurry, I have changed a few positions, I finally locked, I was happy: I saw 上海贵族宝贝工作室论坛it, there is a big tail. The children screamed, while pointing at the trees in the garden, sharing each other and surprised each other. Some children stand on the corridors of the upstairs, but they are specifically to go to the downstairs garden.

There are children say that 7 squirrels have been found.

In the past, many children liked the nest in the classroom, chat with friends, read the book, except for the toilet, don’t want to move.

We want children to protect their eyes, and how far is over, it is more difficult to operate. Teacher Yu Yu, a teacher, said, so I thought about this kind of eye movement. Specially invited the property master to climb the ladder, put the squirrel, a total of 24. When I was in the morning on Monday, I told the children to let everyone get out of the class, look at the distance, relax. The effect is very significant! There is a big change between the time of the day.

The children have come out of the classroom, crowded on the balcony, standing around, looking at squirrels everywhere.

Teacher Yu said that after this batch of small squirrels were familiar with the children, they were ready to ask some new guests, such as the bird, there is a mother, and the nest. In addition to these small animals, Xinhua Experimental Primary School has a bright eyes in order to have a pair of bright eyes.

For example, children in the first second, the desk is installed, and the children are installed, and the children will remind the children to not bow, keep the head, shoulder. The canteen also provides a strong guarantee for love eye protection activities in the diet.

Eyes require protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, trace elements, etc., carrots, eggs, corn, etc. These nutrients. The school adds these eye-catching food to the menu to ensure that students need nutrition that grow and develop, and can take care of their eyes development.

During this time, many schools are in checking.

After each physical examination, a group of children found myopia and went to the hospital to wear glasses.

Teacher Yu said: The children in elementary school is in the peak period of myopia. On the high segment, one side read and write increases, on the other hand, the big children prefer long-term electronic products, sometimes a holiday vision will fall a lot.

Therefore, primary school enrollment, start learning and writing, and develop a good sitting posture into an important part of habits. Moreover, the low work size is small, and there is also a sufficient time repeated reminder correction. After developing habits, pick up the pen will not be on the table.


(Reporter Zhang Na).


Interview: I look forward to Han Zhong from working together to promote the common development of Asian civilization – visiting the Dean of the Asian Culture, South Korea

  Xinhua News Agency, Seoul, May 17th: I look forward to Han Zhong to promote the common development of Asian civilization – visiting the Dean of the Asian Cultural Institute of South Korea, Li Lun, Xinhua News Agency, Ju Xuepeng Lu Rui South Korea Asian Culture Institute, Li Lunhe recently accepted in Seoul In an interview with Xinhua News Agency, China’s Asian Civilization Dialogue 魔都龙凤网 Congress can promote the exchange of mutual meetings in Asia, and the Korean and China who is expecting cultural communication to promote the common development of Asian civilization. "Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference is extraordinary, and experts and scholars in Asian countries and regions will discuss and explore Asian culture and civilization and promote joint development.

"Li Laimai said.

  The Asian Civilization Dialogue Assembly is the theme of "Asian Civilization Exchange Mutual Friday and Destiny", and opened in Beijing on the 15th.

This is another important diplomatic activity in China this year. It is a iconic international event, which will further promote the exchange of civilized exchanges in Asia and the world, and achieve common progress in the advancement.

  Li Laimai said that Asia has rich cultural resources. During 上海水磨工作室预约 this conference, there are many activities such as Forums and Cultural Festival, providing a good opportunity for participants in all countries and regions in Asia. Li Laimai pointed out that many Asian cultures have historical common sites, and inter-national cooperation helps to promote the world’s further cognitive Asian civilization.

  Li Laimai said that South Korea is connected to Chinese culture. There is similar to traditional art, etiquette, clothing and construction, easy to enhance mutual understanding, and work together to build an Asian fate community and contribute to strength. The Korean Asian Cultural Institute in which Li Lifan is located by the Korean Cultural Sports Tourism Department, which is designed to organize concerts, form a traditional art group, and open a variety of activities such as artist 上海龙凤按摩 support projects. . Li Laimi also said that since its establishment, Han Zhong has active cultural exchanges in all levels. It is expected that the two countries further strengthen cultural cooperation and work together to promote the prosperity of Asian civilization.