Strive to cultivate new people who serve as national rejuvenation

Strive to cultivate new people who serve as national rejuvenation

  A young child is vigorous, and it is the future of the party and the country, the hope of the nation.

For 100 years, our party has always passed from the party’s cause, and the strategy of red Jiangshan never discharging is highly concerned about the attention of children.

The majority of young children are unswervingly listening to the party Chinese, and they will continue to thrive in the sun in the party.

Under the leadership of the party, the unity, education and leaders of children’s children’s organizations in children, and strive to grow into the party and the people’s career.

  In the revolutionary, construction, reform of all historical periods, our party is always careful to care for children to create favorable conditions for children’s children.

Under the leadership of the party, young children have experienced experience in the bonfire of the revolutionary war, and harvested growth in the hot practice of socialist construction, in the new era of new journey in the new era, in the new era. From the Anyuan Children’s Group to the Labor Boy, from the Communist Children’s Group to the Anti-Japanese Children’s Group, the underground Sharp Squad, our party creates children’s organization, leading the young children to grind growth in the hard struggle of the revolutionary era, and support the enemy construction and support the front line contribution. Wang Er Xiaoxue, Liu Hulan, a small radish head and other juvenile heroes become an example of children in children. After the founding of New China, the young children "learn to do new China’s new owners" under the leadership of the party. In the anti-US aid, they donated the "Juvenile Pioneer" aircraft with zero flowers; in the process of implementation of the first five years, they launched the "small five-year plan"; they participated in planting, except for the practice activities such as four harm, speak Putong Carry out "Xiao Spring Pills" "Little Queen" activities, dissemination of cultural common sense, popularization of scientific knowledge, and add bricks to socialist construction.

After the reform and opening up, young children in the "large kinds of castor, support four" "Create a Cup" "We Love Science" "Hand Wire" "Cross-Century Chinese Juvenile Eagle Action" and other activities to observe social, learning knowledge, mutual care Harvest growth, glow unprecedented vitality and vitality.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the teenage children have remembering the teaching of General Secretary Near, and the team fighters the party with the party and strive to be a red successor.

They inherit the red gene in the "Red Scarf Heart", "Strive to the New Times Good Player", and establish a strong dream, and grow the skills. They learn from a small study, determined from small learning, created from small learning, practice socialist core values, and strive to grow into a era of ethnic rejuvenation.

  In the past 100 years, our party has always put a good grasp of a strategic task that cultivates a long-term child as a business. Adhere to the party’s leadership.

From the beginning of its party, our party focuses on the development of the business, mastering historical, paying attention to children children, and do a good job in children.

In August 1921, the Ministry of China’s Labor Composite Secretary, which led our party, issued a declaration, which focused on child labor issues. In 1922, our party founded the first child of Children’s Revolution Anyuan Children’s Group. In September 1924, Li Dazhao delivered "Shanghai’s child labor problem." On October 13, 1949, our party founded the Young Pioneers and entrusted the Communist Youth League to directly lead the young pioneers.

Our party is highly concerned about the work of young children. This is the key to ensuring that there is still one in red, the red blood, is the excellent tradition and political advantage of the party’s mass work.

  Adhere to the long-term ideal leading children.

Marxism advocates that the future of the communist’s undertakings is closely linked to the growth of children’s growth. General Secretary Xi Jinping met with the seventh national representative of the Chinese Junior Pioneers, gave a message nationwide Children’s Children: "my country’s socialist modernization, the Chinese nation’s great revival of the Chinese nation, in the future, you are the main force of the future Army and the Army.

"Our party adheres to the scientific theory to guide young children, use the pavilion of the party to mobilize young children, use communism far-sighted ideals and socialist socialism to lead children children, educate young children to establish a long-term Zhizhi, love the motherland, love people , Love labor, love science, love socialism, always put the motherland and people in the heart.

  Adhere to the Strategic Preparation Team for Children ‘s Children as a Socialism in Chinese Characteristics. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that young children should "listen to the party", follow the party, strive to be a good child who needs the motherland and the people, and the development of the motherland and the people’s career. Review history, major work and important strategies "from the doll" is a great tradition of the party. After the founding of New China, the Communist Party of the Communist Party graduated from the teenage children ‘s tissue in the party’s leadership, which is one of the important reasons for the party forever. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, my country’s children’s careers and the young pioneers have continued to move on new stairs to show new appearances. General Secretary Xi Jinping regards the important discussion of the work of young children and the earnings team, to the forward direction for the new era of young children’s cause and the young pioneers, and provide fundamental follows. At the party center of Xi Jinping as the core of the party, the party’s centralized unified leadership of the Young Pioneers work significantly.

The Young Pioneers’ work is included in the top floor design of the party’s education, and the party committees at all levels have more powerful, the support of the Young Pioneers is more powerful, and the government departments are more specific. The Communist Youth League organizes the team’s responsibilities more comprehensive, and the collaboration of the education sector is more fully, the whole society The atmosphere that supports the work of the Young Pioneers is more strong, the leaders of the party committee, the government support, the Communist Youth League lead, the group education collaboration, the new era of social collaboration is constantly improved. The glory of young children’s identity of the young pioneers is significantly enhanced to the homage of the Young Pioneers, and listening to the party’s words, and the belief to the party is more firm. The majority of young children will will inherit the red gene, inherit the red gene, firmly forward, and strive to realize the comprehensive development of morality and body, always prepare for the Chinese dream contributing to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to contribute intelligence and strength.

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