Zinnan District Rule of Law Government Construction

Zinnan District Rule of Law Government Construction

  The Jinnan District Committee, the district government fully implements the party’s 19th National Congress and 19th Second Middle School, Sanzhong, Fourth, Five Plenary Sessions, in-depth learning collar Xi Jinping’s legal thoughts, and fully promotes administration according to law and accelerates the construction of the rule of law government.

  I. Performing the implementation of the first responsible person responsible for the construction of the rule of law, adhering to the centralized unified leadership of the rule of law government construction, establishing the leadership team collective law and annual assessment system.

The main leaders of the District Committee and the District Government personally deployed the promotion of the fact that the rule of law government building is more difficult.

  Second, fully promote the implementation of dynamic adjustment in accordance with the government’s work department of the administrative region. Fully implement "double random, one public" supervision, establish and improve the uninterect joint disciplinary mechanism.

Completed the revision of "Tianjin Haihe Education Park Management Regulations".

Comprehensively standardize the administrative normative document development procedure, and clarify the main body of the document. Standardize major administrative decision-making processes, and promote administrative decision-making, democratization, and rule of law. Formation of the Talent Talent Talent Talent Talent Talents in the External Government of Jinnan Province to improve the government legal advisory work system. Third, in-depth implementation of the "three systems" re-examine the administrative law enforcement principles, clear laws and regulations.

Coordination District Compilation Office establishes a conventional mechanism to ensure that law enforcement is clear. Organize the implementation of "three systems" and inspection and mutual evaluation, printing "three systems" should be manual. Strictly control the qualification management of administrative law enforcement personnel to ensure the law enforcement personnel to hold the certificate and the brightness of the law enforcement. IV. Strengthening power restrictions and supervision and conscientious implementation to report to the District People’s Congress and its Standing Committee, accept the inquiry and questioning system, and timely handle the CPPCC recommendation, proposal.

Strictly implement the eight provisions of the Central Committee, continuously strengthen the audit supervision.

Effectively increase the public efforts to make the power run in the sun. V. Improve the rule of law promotion and effectively clarify the "key minority" of leading cadres, fully implement the legal knowledge examination system for leading cadres, organize leading cadres to participate in the auditory activities, and carry out the national staff annual online school learning method test. Upgrade to create the first civil-class corridor in Tianjin, organize the law challenge, "Rule of Law Jinnan" headlines, and shake the quick-handed method attracted more than 320,000 people.