Wenyi star open | Ni Ni: "Bomb" round dream, find a road belonging to himself

Wenyi star open | Ni Ni: "Bomb" round dream, find a road belonging to himself

Ni Ni.

The respondent is mapped by her "Her strong gave her career. Her soft left" People’s Network Entertainment: What kind of opportunity, you pick up "Bomb Profile 2" this movie? What are the scripts that touch you? Ni Ni: Because Mr. Andy Lau has seen my previous work, he recommended Qiu Li Tao to the director, I showed the role of Pangling.

Whether it is a creation class, or the story script is excellent, and there is an actor who has been respected with me, Liu Dehua, Liu Qingyun, I will not hesitate to accept this challenge.

At the same time, this is also the first time to show the police role, so in this movie, my many wishes are achieved. People’s Network Entertainment: What are the characteristics of Pangling attract you? Ni Ni: She has the calm and daring of the police, and has a tenderness and tenacity of women. When the commander is rushing to the forefront, there is a very rich role, no longer a man play. "Vase".

People’s Network Entertainment: Pangling This role "Task is very heavy", unlike female image in the past police film, how do you understand and deal with this role? Ni Ni: First of all, thank Qiu Li Tao and Liu Dehua and other actors, they actually helped me.

After all, the first time, the police, the police, and the gun posture, etc., I have to learn.

And Pangling’s identity is complicated, but also has a lot of mission. On the one hand, she should abide by discipline and rules. On the other hand, I have to go to save Pan Chengfeng (Liu Dehua), and her strong gave her career, her Soft people left to love, levels are very rich. "Seeing Hua Ge leads everyone to run, there is no courage to stop" People’s Net Entertainment: There are a lot of nearby fights in the film, and you are relatively easy to fight in the bottom of the dance. Ni Ni: By shooting this movie, I found that it is not simple to fight, in order to closer this person, I started to lose weight before entering the group, and trained the rapid and strength of the action.

When I took the martial arts tablets, the action play can also become smooth through the later special effects and clips, but the near-body fight in this movie completely rely on the tacit cooperation between the actors, the director requires a lot, really "boxing to meat" Will look good.