UCO Kampen B.V.

Haatlandhaven 15

NL 8263 AS Kampen

The Netherlands

Tel:  +31 (0)38 376 80 10

Fax: +31 (0)38 376 80 19

Chamber of Commerce: 08019329

UCO Kampen B.V.

The company is located in Kampen and has been founded in Ermelo in the early sixties. The company has a long lasting experience in the business of oils and fats. The company name has been changed as per January 1st 2013 from Vierhouten Vet B.V. into UCO Kampen B.V.

Within UCO Kampen the main business is melting and dealing of used cooking oils of vegetable and animal origin. The power of UCO Kampen is the fact that we can treat every quality of fat and turn it into a usable raw material for our bio diesel production. The end product of UCO Kampen is mainly destined for the production of a 2nd generation bio diesel. The use of 2nd generation bio diesel is being stimulated by the government and is completely separate from the 1st generation bio diesel, which is food/ feed related.

An important client of UCO Kampen B.V. is her sister company Biodiesel Kampen B.V, which has the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC). With this certificate Biodiesel Kampen shows that it produces in a sustainable way and co-operates in a joint reduction of carbon dioxide emission. The ISCC approaches the carbon dioxide reduction from the point where the raw material originates until the point of end use in bio diesel.