UCO Kampen B.V.

Haatlandhaven 15

NL 8263 AS Kampen

The Netherlands

Tel:  +31 (0)38 376 80 10

Fax: +31 (0)38 376 80 19

Chamber of Commerce: 08019329


There are many reasons for selling your used cooking oils and used frying fats to UCO Kampen BV:


  • Very good accessibility:

      UCO Kampen is located in the centre of the Netherlands, outside the big cities, so

      easy to get to.


  • Quick discharge for collectors:

       Collectors do not want to spend too much time discharging their loads. UCO Kampen

       takes care of a procedure of quickly discharging the loads and takes care of the

       drivers being able to get back on the road again without too much time being lost.


  • Quick administrative procedures:

       UCO Kampen takes care of a quick administrative procedure, which means that

       payment of the delivered loads is being done within a few days.


  • Clean packaging:

       We have all kinds of packaging available and

       on stock. Besides that we take care of your

       packaging being ready to go whenever you

       need it.


  • Container service:

       We can supply depot containers at the site of the collector. Many kilometers are

       being prevented due to this and it saves you a lot of time. We change the

       container at your convenience.


  • Large quantities:

       We have also the possibilities to pick up your

       collected materials in a trailer with "walking



  • Exclusively destined for technical purposes:

       Security first! The recycled materials will only be used for technical purposes

       (production of bio diesel or burning) and therefor the material can not be used

       for food or feed purposes.


  • Bulk material:

       UCO Kampen has a broad variety of means of transportation with many trailers

       and tank cars.